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You can reach out using the contact form or find me on editing websites like Reedsy and freelancing sites like Fiverr, and UpWork. View my Introduction Letter to authors below and contact me for to see my rates. Looking for another service like illustration or design? I work with a network of creatives I would love to help you get in touch with. Let’s get in touch.


To The Next Great Author,

Hello, and thank you for considering my services as a proofreader, editor, or ghostwriter for you and your story. I understand that trusting someone with your work can at times be intimidating, and some even consider critiques and feedback overwhelming. As it is my goal to help you craft the very best version of your story possible and prepare it for publication, I want to work with you to figure out exactly what you need and get through the editing process as smoothly as possible.

Let’s go over the process I recommend to writers who’ve never worked with me before.

Step 1:     Discovery Call
Let’s set up a call (or chat over email or messenger, if you’re more comfortable or time is an issue) to talk about your story, what you need from an editor, the concerns you have, and my contract. This is a great time to let me know how you would prefer to receive edits and comments. I provide a lot of feedback in my editing process, so if you’re not prepared to see a lot of red, let me know during this step and we’ll come up with a system that works for you.

Step 1.5:  Sample Edit
If you’re still not sure whether you need Proofreading or Developmental Editing, send me a chapter or excerpt (up to 1,000 words), pay me the discounted amount listed in my Editing Services Rate Card using the information on the invoice I send you, and I will return that chapter or excerpt to you with proofreading changes, edits, and commentary as necessary and recommend which service I think your work will need. This is also a great time to work out any additional needs or expectations you may have for your story.

Step 2:     Sign the Contract
This is a standard contract created with the intent of protecting your content and my payment. If you want to go over the contract or add anything, we can discuss it, but please read it over first, as your terms may already be covered. Send me a PDF of the contract with your signature and the date and I will sign it on my end as well before we get started. Once signed, you’ll receive information about payment processing.

Step 3:     I Do the Work
I will complete the work we agreed upon within the timeline we discussed (unless otherwise notified or in the case of extraneous circumstances). During this time, I will reach out to you with any questions or requests for clarification via email or phone call, based on what we will have discussed during our Discovery Call. That in mind, please let me know ahead of time the best time(s) and method(s) to reach you about your work.

Step 4:     Review & Payment
I’ll send you your manuscript with my changes and commentary, as well as any additional documents with feedback, etc. Once you receive it, we’ll go over what I’ve provided and ensure you have and can access everything you need from me. This is a great time to ask any additional and final questions you may have or address any last-minute concerns. Once we are done, you’ll submit your payment via the process outlined.

That’s everything! I will keep in touch as you go through your edits and make changes, so if anything is unclear or if you find you need help with additional content (such as descriptions and back cover blurbs, etc.) I can help.

I am so looking forward to working with you to make your book the very best it can be. Please contact me with any questions and for a copy of my rate card.

Happy Writing,

My Gigs on

I will write your video or radio ad script

You provide the information you want included in your ad script, along with any taglines, website or location, event details, and other relevant information (e.g. how you want it to sound, who you want to target, and whether or not you have a voice already picked out). With that information, I’ll make you an ad to fill your time slot and draw in your customers.

Anything shorter than 30 seconds will please select the 30-Second Radio Ad, and anything longer than 90 seconds, please contact me first.

I will edit your content or novel

This project is designed to include basic editing and structural editing. For basic proofreading, please contact me or view my other projects. If you’re looking for a more in-depth, developmental edit, use the add-ons or contact me.

The goal here, as always, is to provide the support and constructive feedback you need to produce your very best work. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I’ll be glad to help.

Happy Writing.

I will edit your manuscript for journal submission

This gig is intended for clients submitting their manuscripts to professional journals. It’s perfect for you if you need editing and revision of a manuscript using professional, industry-specific, or more complex language, as well as anyone requiring adherence to a specific style guide.

Available add-on services: I can rewrite all content for clarity for an additional fee. I can create supplemental materials like cover letters and title pages for an additional fee. I can prioritize your project in order to return it to you faster for an additional fee.

Please contact me if you have any questions, require additional add-ons, or need clarity on the extent and scope of this gig.

I will proofread your content or novel

This project is designed to include proofreading or beta reading services. If you’re looking for basic or in-depth editing, please contact me or view my other projects.

The goal here, as always, is to provide the support and constructive feedback you need to produce your very best work. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I’ll be glad to help.

Happy Writing.

I will write and edit your product descriptions

Improve SEO and Inspire potential buyers to make a purchase. Give your product a unique description.

Showing up closer to the beginning of a list of search results can mean the difference between missing or making a sale. When Google and other search engines provide search results, they prioritize those links with unique content and additional terms or phrases commonly searched in relation to the product (e.g. a page selling water skis would benefit from including the words “tow rope”, “life jacket”, “floating handles”, and similar items). That being said, getting potential buyers to view your product doesn’t guarantee a sale. Market research shows that effective content plays a big role in turning browsers into buyers. That’s where I come in.

I have five years of experience writing product descriptions for companies to help improve traffic and connect with buyers, both in retail and business-to-business spheres, online and in print. Let me help you put your best foot forward.

I will write and edit your speech or presentation

There is one thing you need in order to present well: the ability to make your audience listen and consider your message. How you do that is up to you. I’m able to help.

The organization of the content you’re presenting, the tone of your speech, the method of delivery—each of these things depends on your presentation style and who you’re presenting to.

When you hire me to edit your speech, I’ll help you organize it and create notes around what you already have to best reach your audience.

If you hire me to write your speech for you, I start from scratch using the information you provide, everything you can tell me about your intended audience, and what you want your audience to feel or think about after listening to you, to sway your audience.

If you also want me to edit or create a PowerPoint slideshow presentation using the information you have, choose the third tier option for this gig, and I’ll build then walk you through the presentation of your slides, so you’ll be prepared for and comfortable with presenting, no matter the size of your audience.

Questions? Need something similar but not exactly what’s described? Let me know and we’ll customize a gig for you.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Not a problem; I create custom gigs for my clients and would love to work with you to best support you and your business.

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Prefer In-Person?

Let me know if you’re located in the California Bay Area. If you’re local, we can consider a meetup at a locally-owned coffee shop or bakery—or your storefront, if it makes sense. Unfortunately, I cannot offer in-person meetings to all my clients, but if it’s important to you, we can try to work something out.