Promotions and Discounts

Shh—It’s a secret page!

If you’re here, you probably found my Linktree… That, or you’re a meddling kid!
*Insert angry Scooby-Doo villain here*

Either way, since you’re already here, you may as well check to see whether you qualify for a discount. I mean, it’s the least I can do to convince you to keep this page on the DL. The truth of the matter is that I can’t work for free, and I need to make enough to survive on (in California). I’d also prefer to live comfortably, if that’s an option… maybe travel once in a while and eat gourmet food. You know: the dream. If I give too many discounts, I simply won’t be able to meet my bare minimum, and I’ll have to stop offering them. That said, I’m really passionate about helping new authors get their work out into the world. You all deserve to have your stories published and adored by readers everywhere. If you need to take advantage of these savings, use the discount code when you contact me. If you don’t need the savings, please don’t request them, but do recommend this page to someone who can use it.

I offer a few ongoing discounts, plus some seasonal ones. I only offer one per customer per year. None stack. There are exceptions, but those we’ll figure out on an individual basis. Alright; enough disclaimers. Find the deal that works for you!

Veteran Discount

I can’t claim that military fantasies and the like are my usual cup of tea, but if you’re working in most any other genre and need an editor, I offer my services to you! Get 20% off my quote by sending me the following keyword when you message me using the contact form or email.

Mildly Wild Anniversary Sale

Each August, I plan to celebrate the anniversary of the month I decided to work for myself (and all of you)! For this month only, I’m offering 40% off all my services for the first five people to place an order, from developmental editing to beta reading. Send me a message with the keyword below to see if you made it in time!

First-Book Discount

If you’ve never been published, you’ve got enough to worry about without trying to figure out which editor is going to help and which is going to write all over your unique author voice. As a first-time author, you deserve a break. Send me this keyword to get a free 1,000-word Sample Edit and 20% discount on a full edit.

The Under 20 Club Discount

If I’d had someone to support my creative journey as early as 15, I might have been published before even going to college. This is mostly a support package for teens and youth learning about the publishing world and finding their places in it. Honestly, there’s no keyword or real age limit for this one. Just let me know you need support and I’ll help however I can.