The following radio ad scripts were written and produced from 2020–2021. Please note that they have been edited in compliance with the contract I signed with the company for which the original scripts were written.

Radio Script Example no. 1

PURPOSE: Draw clients from the specific age group of mothers in [a predetermined geographical location] to the website. Use “Super Mom” and mention locations available and owners.

DURATION: 60 seconds

VOICE DIRECTION: Female doctor speaking to a mom in a calm, understanding voice.


As a mom, nothing matters more to you than your child’s health.
You already have that special magic all moms have.
You know how to clean a cut, how to distract from a bruise’s pain, how to kiss away booboos and tears.
But what about the rest?
Being in charge of a child’s life is a big job—even for a super mom like you.
For everything you can’t treat, trust us at [Company] to provide your kid with quality healthcare.
We offer head-to-toe coverage for kids that won’t break the bank.
We’re owned by [U.S. State]’s leaders in healthcare: [Company 1], [Company 2], and [Hospital 1] and [Hospital 2] Children’s Hospitals, so we can provide you with access to the best healthcare providers in [U.S. State].
We’re accepting applications online at [Website-Name]-dot-org, for kids aged five to eighteen, from [County 1] and [County 2] counties down to [County 3] and [County 4].
We know you’re a super mom.
Let us give you an edge when it comes to your child’s healthcare.
Ensure your kid’s health. Insure with [Program Name].
Apply for [U.S. State] [Program Name] today at [Website-Name]-dot-org.

Radio Script Example no. 2

PURPOSE: Drive traffic during Spring Break to a local aquarium and cause to visit website.

DURATION: 30 seconds

MUSIC BED: Use happy music from one of your exhibits! (but don’t play louder than/over the voiceover)

VOICE DIRECTION: Late 20s–early 30s woman, smiling and happy while speaking.


Dreaming of a world away?
Spring break is the perfect time to find peace, adventure, and behind-the-scenes fun at [Location]’s [Name] Aquarium!
Come explore dozens of unique marine habitats, including the [specific habitat 1], an [specific habitat 2], and a lush, tropical [specific habitat 3]!
Come view and interact with over twenty-thousand fishes, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and marine mammals.
Can’t wait to see you!
Visit us at [number-number-number] [Name] Street.
For more information about the [Name] Aquarium, visit [website]-dot-org.

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The following articles were written from 2020–2021 for West Marine, Inc. These are intended to be informational, inspirational, and sell marine-based products. They are all live on the West Marine website as of May 2022. View them live online using the links below.

Bring Your Dog Aboard

Have you considered bringing your dog on your boat? Before you do, here are some extra precautions you can take to keep your pup safe. Man’s best friend can be a great boating companion—but keep in mind that different rules, constant excitement and a new outfit can make your dog confused, disoriented and uncomfortable. Before you take your dog out on your boat, be sure to test his or her comfort level in and around the water. Try taking them aboard while your boat is docked to ensure they will be calm and happy on a rocking surface. If your pet panics, it’s probably better to leave them at home. For those dogs that love the water, there are a few things we recommend to help you keep them safe…Read More

Spring Prep: Trailers

Your trailer needs to be in good condition if you want to get your boat safely to the water, launched, re-trailered and back home. Before the boating season begins, West Marine suggests you give your trailer a thorough inspection and perform necessary maintenance to ensure that it is ready for use. The following checklist will help you in this endeavor. You will find additional help in the form of West Advisor articles to which I link throughout this article…Read More

Clean Boating Practices—Leave a Clean Wake

“The Solution to Pollution is Dilution.” Representative of an old mindset, this outdated adage underlines the false notion that the world’s oceans possess the ability to shrug off seemingly endless pollution caused by human activity—and dilute contaminants before they become a problem…Read More

SEO Copy

The following SEO copy was created for West Marine, Inc. I designed them with the additional purpose of creating internal links to similar products or products often purchased together. Each includes important key search terms and variations thereof which the company was paying Google for regularly. These SEO copy blocks were originally created in html format, and I later translated them for use in Salesforce.

“West Marine carries swimwear so you can get everything you need for your boating adventure in one place. Our women’s swim shop has options for everyone and every on-the-water activity. Find UPF 50+ swim leggings and surf leggings, as well as women’s rash guards and women’s swim shirts for bigger waves and cooler water. Going where the water’s warmer? We carry women’s board shortstwo-piece bathing suits and one-piece bathing suits. Shop bikinis, tankinis, swim skirts and more from brands like Cabana LifeScales and Magicsuit. If you’re looking for a little more coverage, our selection of one-piece swimsuits includes slimming bathing suits and control-fit designs, as well as a variety of cuts from RoxyprAnaMiraclesuit and others so you can find your most flattering bathing suit. Be sure to wear sunscreen and bring a bathing suit cover-up for when you’re done sunbathing!”

“Towable tubes come in many shapes and sizes. We offer 1-person tubes2-person tubes3-person tubes and 4-person tubes. Choose from reversible chariot and seat-style towable tubes, donut shaped tubes, tubes that will rock from side to side and even tubes designed to get some serious air. West Marine carries towable tube accessories, including electric pumps, hand pumps, foot pumps and tow ropes. Be sure to select comfortable, well-fitted safety gear, like high-grip gloves to prevent rope burn, water sports life jackets to keep you afloat if you fall off and safety flags for when you do!”

“At West Marine, we believe safety when boating should be your first priority. This starts with having the right life jacket. We are here to help. West Marine offers life jackets for everyone. We stock pet life jacketsinfant life preserverskid’s life jacketsyouth PFDs, and adult life jackets in XSsmallmediumlargeextra-large and XXL life jackets3XL and 4XL. West Marine stocks adjustable and fitted life jackets for every water-based activity. View our selection of neoprenenylon and polyester life jacketsday sailing life jackets, manual and automatic inflatable life jackets, fishing life jackets, sailing life jackets, cruising life jackets, inshore and coastal life jackets and offshore life jackets. We even carry float coats and work suits.”

“West Marine offers a wide variety of sailing cleats for most every sailing or boating application. Selection includes cam cleats and clam cleatshorn cleats, V-cleats and rope clutches. Popular brands of cam cleats include Harken Cam-Matic cleatsRonstan C-CleatsSchaefer Cam Cleats and Spinlock Cam Cleats. Cam cleats are complemented by a selection of cam cleat replacement parts and cam cleat accessories. Online and in West Marine stores, you will also find a selection of horn cleats, including open base cleats and closed based cleats in a variety of materials including nylon, aluminum, stainless steel and plated zinc. New cleats are often added to a boat as part of a rigging system upgrade. For custom rigging visit the West Marine Rigging Services. And for all your rigging and anchoring and docking needs, check out our excellent selection of rope.”

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