Take a look at some of the work I’ve done professionally.


Besides this website, I’ve also created simple websites for others.

The following websites were created for authors, bloggers, and small business owners. Take a look.

Al Davidson is a cyberpunk and fantasy author I helped by providing editing, website building, and other services. Included are book pages, character short stories and art, news reports by a character within the series, and much more.

I highly recommend Zer0-Day, the first in Al’s book series: The Sommerfeld Experiment. The character relatability and story development are excellent.

The Shaking Raven is a work in progress. This website will include a blog and commentary on food, beverages, the distillation and winemaking processes, reviews, and more. Stay tuned as I build this website around its incredible blogger, The Bearded Winemaker.

Taco Virgo

When visiting family in Arkansas, US, I had the pleasure of meeting a phenomenal woman who owns a taco trailer. A veteran and small business owner on the less-than-tech-savvy side, she proudly shared her new Instagram with me and explained how a friend had helped her set it up only days ago. After trying her tacos and being, quite honestly, very impressed, I offered to make her a free website in exchange for the ability to display it on my own website. The goal was to make it very simple, clean, and easy to manage so she doesn’t have to worry about learning website management or design just to keep it up to date. If it helps her business, she can always upgrade, but until then, one of the great things about WordPress is that you can have a free site so long as you’re willing to include


I created a set of symbols that I use in my Book Reviews to make it easier for readers and authors to get at-a-glance information about a book or series. Find the most recent selection on the Book Reviews page.

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