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Here’s what people have to say about working with me.

Miss Jelinek is an excellent all-around editor with fantastic grammar skills and an eye for detail. She will catch grammar errors, tag character and story inconsistencies, help with consistency of character voice and assist with story flow and logic. Highly recommended.

Al Davidson, Author

This experience with you has been very enlightening. Your details and comments have been more than helpful… With the first round of edits, I felt like I knew where my work was weak and those areas weren’t addressed [by my previous editor] but you found them.

Author L.A. Ferro

Kathryn is prompt, detailed, and produces high quality work. She refined several product descriptions, titles, and tag lists for me to improve my SEO performance. Turnaround time was very quick.

Stephanie Cervi, Digital Designer & Artist

You are truly amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work, insight, and investment in my story. I look forward to continuing and completing this journey with you.

Andrea Hall-Miller, Author

Excellent work and timely delivery. She really punched up the draft while staying consistent with the tone and theme. It felt like my writing, only better! user pa_felicia

I am beyond impressed with this seller!!! Her writing is amazing. Not only did she write a speech for me, but she also provided a caption I can use for social media. user user1379

Kathryn is very skilled & experienced writer in creating, proofreading, and editing content for web and mobile. SEO savvy and chooses words with search engines in mind. Requested additional reviews and delivered very fast. If you are looking for SEO oriented content writer Kathryn is the best! Thanks again for a great job! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ user gyr2012


More eyes are always better when it comes to writing content. I can help ensure you’re getting your point across.


Whether you are looking for basic content editing or developmental, worldbuilding editing for your novel, I can help.


Sometimes even spellcheck falls short—especially when you’re on the breaking edge of science or fiction.

What’s the difference?

Freelance Writing

You know where you are and how you got here. You also have an idea of where you want to go. Let me help get you there. Writing your own content can feel overwhelming, whether it’s for your website, an important email, academic research, a radio script, or anything else. You have to know who your audience is and how best to get their attention. You then have to hold their attention long enough to share your story and, often, well enough that they’re convinced to take action.

What story are you trying to tell? Do you want to reach new customers? Are you hoping to drive sales or increase traffic to your website or brick and mortar store? Do you just want someone else to write the back cover blurb for your book?

I am a content writer, copywriter, and blogger with experience crafting product descriptions, marketing content for B2B and B2C purposes both digitally and in print, SEO copy, instruction manuals, articles, standard operating procedures, research and thesis papers, radio scripts, speeches, and much more.

Whatever you need, I’m glad to help.

English Editing

You’ve done a lot of legwork to get to this point, but you’re not quite done yet. You’ve got your draft or manuscript, and now we just need to get it in shape.

I’ll be honest: the greatest value you may get from this process is having another set of (well-trained) eyes on what you’ve already created. Why? Because everyone, even I can become blind to mistakes after reviewing the same information twenty plus times. The second greatest value: as we work together to ensure what you’ve produced is what you envisioned, we’ll often stumble across new ways to convey the same information or relevant details you’ll want to include.

Long story short: when I edit your content, I’m working as a team member who has your best interest at heart and the experience and skills to ensure your final product is perfect. We’ll work on everything from audience and tone to organization and clarity. If you’re not sure what you need, I can make a recommendation based on the materials you supply. We’ll go from there.


Proofreading can be a lot harder than it seems. Spellcheck and basic grammar correcting software are great places to start, but we’re still a ways away from computers understanding the nuance of written language—especially in specialized fields like the sciences, fiction, and yes, even marketing.

When you’ve looked over your manuscript a dozen or more times, you’ll start to miss important details, like the hyphen used in place of an em-dash, inconsistency in format or extraneous commas. New or compound words that your computer has marked as wrong can blend together and cause you to miss errors and accidental autocorrections.

Beyond the obvious spelling, grammatical, and syntax errors, proofreading by a third party can help you outmaneuver your next faux pas in an email headline or unintended double entendre. I can help you keep your readers focused on your content, and not on the mistakes.

The difference is the confidence you’ll have in your content.