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Whether you’re a reader looking for a great book recommendation or an author in need of a professional review, I hope the book and series reviews below will help. Contact me with any questions or to discuss.


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Review Notes

As an editor, I can be a stickler for grammar, punctuation, and the like. That being said, as readers, we have to understand that if every author waited until their book was completely perfect before publishing, our reading selection would be dismally small. Unless the mistakes break the reading up so much that I cannot focus on the story or plot, I won’t be mentioning them or reducing a rating’s score because of them.

Please note that, if you are an author requesting a book review, and I find reading your book difficult due to proofreading or other issues, I will let you know before writing my review. I’ll provide a review either way, but if we’re lucky, you’ll still have the means to make changes and updates that will ensure other readers aren’t pulled out of your book by those stumbling blocks.

Because I review multiple genres and reviews are largely subjective, I would like to preemptively inform potential readers that these reviews are my opinions and my interpretations based on my experiences and best understanding of the writing. I will freely admit that I can be (and on occasion have been) wrong about an author’s intentions or goals, and take responsibility for the assumptions I make in my reviews. If you are a reader or writer who believes that I’ve gotten something wrong, please reach out and let me know so that I can address any issues or misinterpretations.

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